Your words are far more powerful than you think

I was running around like a mad woman cleaning my apartment and listening to Kesha’s newest album (which has been my obsession since this past summer btw) and for whatever reason I began to think about how important it is to tell the people around us the impact they’ve had on our lives.  Actually, any person that has ever said anything, done anything, or acted in any way that struck a chord with you…that made you behave differently as a result of seeing or hearing them do it….They need to know it.  If you got the warm fuzzy feeling from them or have respect for them or something they did…TELL THEM!

I was thinking about one of my many conversations with my badass lash girl, Amanda (check her out here) Amanda is a young, gorgeous, ambitious, badass of a woman who for whatever reason has had the hardest time finding her person.  I firmly believe that it is going to take one hell of a man to handle her level of badassery.  He is going to have to have confidence coming out of his ass for sure.  He is going to have to be living at her level…which in her age group (29) is hard to find.  The beautiful thing is though, that when they find each other, brace yourself people….it is going to be a love that this world may have never seen before.  It is going to be so passionate that it is going to re-ignite all of the weakening flames of the relationships around them.

Anyhoo….Amanda was telling me about a guy that she had dated that was kind and thoughtful enough to actually have a conversation with her when he felt that the passion was just not there between the 2 of them.  This relationship ended quite a while ago but she never forgot how awesome it was for him to do that rather than the “ghosting” that is constantly happening with the other twats she dates.  She knew how important it was for him to know what a quality trait this is to have.  She went out of her way to reach out to him months and months after that relationship had ended simply to let him know what  an awesome person he was.  For no other reason than because he need to hear it.   Imagine how that is going to make this man arrive in the world for the next woman in his life.  She taught him something.  Because she spoke up…he is going to have an amazing impact on the next woman in his life because of the confidence she gave him.

The fact is that it is really fucking hard to be a human being.  No matter who you are, or what you do…life is hard.  When someone takes the time out of their day to tell you that you had a positive impact of their lives…even for just a single moment in time…that feels so awesome….it is like a big tight hug on your heart.  It creates the inertia neccessary to travel this really rocky road called life.

It makes me think about a few people who I went to high school with that came out and told me they had crushes on me way back when.  I had spent the majority of my life thinking that I was not good enough.  That I added no value to anything or anyone.  It took me many many years to realize that.  I was making up stories in my head as we all do.  However, if I had known when I was in my awkward teenage years that these people actually even noticed me maybe I would’ve come to that realization sooner.  I know…I know…what other people think of us has absolutely no effect on our self worth…but we were not all born with that mindset.  We are not all surrounded by people that let us know that we are good enough.  If someone tells me a story or just does something that I think is awesome whether I know them or not I make it a point to tell them.

One of my favorite TedTalks which is very short but very powerful really explains it best and I will leave you with that.  Everyday Leadership by Drew Dudley

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