I wanted to take a quick second to remind you that you are doing a great job at life.   We have all made some mistakes in our lives but the most powerful thing you can do is forgive yourself, learn from that mistake, and move on.  The only thing you have 100% control of is you in this exact moment.  You can’t change the past…you can’t predict the future…all you have is right here and right now.  How do you want this exact moment to look?  You have the power to choose happiness, joy, love, energy…that being said you also have the power to choose sadness, anger, hate, and idleness.  It’s a choice…it’s very simple….simple but not easy….there will be some pain but the amazing feeling at the end is so worth it.  The option is yours.

Make the decision….choose to be what you want to be and then do it.  I choose to be happy, joyful, inspirational, imaginative, strong, authentic, true, powerful, dependable, faithful, kind, trustworthy, accepting, honest, beautiful, empathetic, gracious, direct but gentle.  What do you choose to be?

Remember…If your heart is beating…you are capable and designed for greatness.  You have an assignment…you must follow your gut…follow your intuition and finish your assignment!  You will have obstacles…you will have naysayers…you will have moments of doubt…move past all of those!

Today is your day….this exact moment…right now!  What is it that you want out of life?  It’s yours for the taking!