My undefinable mission

I have found that the more I talk about something the more I come to understand it.  I am truly writing today to get some words out into the universe to see if maybe…just maybe… I can put words to the feelings I have.

I am beyond passionate about what I do for a living.  For those of you that do not know, I am a hairstylist and a salon owner.  My “job” consists of SO MUCH MORE than doing hair.  Although that is a big part of it and I love that part so much I truly believe that I was led down that path to get to my true destiny….empowering the beauty professionals and future beauty professionals of the world.

Over the course of my 20 year career I have seen and heard so many misrepresentations of my industry.  I think a lot about how hair stylists are depicted in movies….gum chewing, dense, provocative, unprofessional, broke…mostly women or exaggerated “stereotypical” homosexual men adding nothing but comic relief to the script.   I cannot think of anything further than the reality of what my industry truly is.

The beauty industry is comprised of the most beautiful (inside and out), caring, loving, passionate, artistic, motivated, inspiring, marvelous human beings I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  So why is it that we have this terrible stigma hanging over us.  Why is it that parents are forbidding their children from pursuing this field?

When I entered the industry I was lucky enough to have a very supportive Father that basically just told me I needed a trade…he would support me in whatever trade that was. I came from a very small town that did not have any type of luxury salon.  I had no idea that that type of salon even existed.  I just knew that I loved doing hair and I loved making people feel beautiful.  I never thought that I was entering an industry with endless earning potential and immeasurable possibilities….I just thought I was beginning a career that would allow me to be able to provide for myself.   I was simply pursuing my passion.

I wonder if there was a person…an advocate for the industry when I was young that talked about the possibilities if more of my peers would have followed my same path?  If an actual well poised, beautiful, inspiring, empowering, successful, intelligent, empathetic, kind, and thoughtful (which is what the reality of a hairstylist is) beauty professional came to the schools and opened the eyes of the youth to the possibilities of my industry…would that change things?

Parents, if I told you that your child could out-earn most of their degree wielding friends with a fraction of the student debt would you support them?  If I told you that a career in the beauty industry could not only fulfill the financial needs of your children but also provide endless passion, creativity, and life experiences would you encourage them?

Understand I am not suggesting that you push your child out of their passion and into the world of hairdressing I am asking that if your child has an interest in beauty and fashion allow me to help you open their eyes to the possibilities!  Support them!  If you find yourself talking the youths in your life out of the beauty industry, please reconsider. With the right leader and mentor..and there are thousands out there searching for hair stylists that are seeking greatness…your child will not only kickass at life but they will have true happiness as well!!!

I am not sure that this blog helped me create a definition but hopefully it put some energy behind my cause.

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