In business to make a Prophet

The other day I posted this live video when I had this epiphany. In retrospect I probably should’ve prepared a little more than I did because I ended up just sounding like a crazy person making no sense. I was experiencing so much emotion that I couldn’t put the feelings into words. Now that I’ve had a few days to digest it a little better I’m feeling more confident with expressing myself.

I have many mentors and coaches in my life. Many of which have no idea I even exist. I hang on their every word and put their ideas into action. Their ideas look very different though through my Lola colored glasses. Their ideas and strategies serve as more of a pathway for me. It reminds me of that quote “good artists borrow…great artists steal”. I feel like this is what makes me a great artist….a confident artist. I will steal what others put out into the world and recreate it rather than just copying something they’ve done. It will be unrecognizable when I’m finished with it therefore making it something that never really existed before.

Well, while traveling quite a distance on the highway I was listening to a podcast featuring one of my coaches, Heather Yurko. She was exposing her “Four Major Components to Experience a Massive Breakthrough” which I have heard a million times but it still sends shivers down my spine listening to her speak. In that moment I was thinking about what my purpose is…what is my life’s assignment? I know that I have been given an objective…or a responsibility rather to encourage and support people to pursue their dreams. So what is my role in the lives of these people?

I began to think about the roles my mentors play in my life. This is just how I personally feel they impact me.

Bennie Pollard…his role as my mentor is in regards to behavior…how my behavior affects my success.

Heather Yurko…her role is strength. Heather makes me feel like I am capable of anything and gives me the strength to chase after it.

John Cutrone…John’s role in my life is insight. He analyzes market disrupters and how it is affecting the hairdressing industry in particular. John reminds me how important it is to be intentional about who and where I am purchasing from.

Those are just to name a few. After thinking about the role that every one of these people plays in my life it dawned on me what my role is.

I, Gina Greenwood, am the Prophet.  My role is to be the person who advocates or speaks in a visionary way about a new belief, cause, or theory.  I am not creating these ideas I am just putting these ideas into action and spreading the word about them.

I intend to find as many platforms as I can to spread the word about intentionalism and it’s place not only in the beauty industry but also in a truly fulfilled human experience.  My role is to continue to absorb the energy of the mentors and coaches I have sought out, digest the information, and filter and conceptualize it through my Lola colored glasses.  To take future generations of the beauty industry under my wing and teach them how to elevate the standard of this amazing industry.

On this journey I will stumble upon endless views on subjects that go FAR outside my industry making it relatable to absolutely anyone!  I will continue this path developing badasses along the way that will continue guiding generations to come.

From this day forward…I am in the business to make a prophet!

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