What we can learn from liquid

Weekly Photo Challenge: Liquid

Have you ever just watched the way that liquid can find its way through any obstacle?  You watch a stream of liquid flow and it comes to a point of blockage and it starts changing paths.  It never stops moving it just changes course.

I was thinking about how much we as people can learn from that.  The “goal” if you will of liquid is to keep moving.  What if we kept moving forward and when we hit a blockage just simply changed our path?  The goal is still the same and yes it may take us longer to get there.  But along this new path we may find little holes that we can get through.  Little openings that we had never considered before.  Small passages that put us back on our path.

If liquid is flowing you suddenly close the door in front of it…it doesn’t stop….it spreads out…it seeks a new pathway.  It keeps moving.

On my mission of living an intentional life and trying to change the way the beauty industry is viewed I am faced with obstacles every single day.  I try to mimic the flow of liquid.  Not to stop but simply change directions to find a different way.

I want you to consider this when you too are faced with obstacles EVERY SINGLE DAY.   There is always an alternative path…it’s just not always linear.  There are twists, turns, mountains, and valleys.  The beauty in it though is how much you see and learn when forced in a new direction.  You come across things that you never knew existed.  It’s a beautiful “accident” which really in my opinion there are no accidents.  It’s all happening for a reason…every roadblock, every naysayer, every crossroad….its all happening for a reason.  Have enough loyalty to your cause to trust the zigzagged path.

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