A reminder that love is everything

We are faced with senseless tragedy every single day of our lives.  Whether it is someone close to us or something we are watching on the news.  There is a sense of helplessness when it occurs.  You want so badly to help…to come up with the right words to ease the pain.  There are no words, the most we can muster up is “I’m so sorry for your loss” or “Your family is in our thoughts and prayers”.  I’ve noticed those words almost seem to be the quintessential script when communicating with people about loss.

My second family…My best friends family that took me in like I was one of their own starting when I was 11 years old…have experienced a horrible loss.  Emery Pearson, 23 years old, father of 2 year old Nova Sky died tragically in a car accident on Saturday March 3rd.  My best friends Nephew…My Nephew by proxy.

This is a feeling that I personally can empathize with.  My own Mother also died in a tragic car accident when she was only 39 year old.  Although Emery’s accident does not necessarily give me flash backs to my Mother’s accident it does make me feel that pain all over again.  It’s like I can actually feel the pain of his Parents.  No parent should ever know the pain of losing a child.  I can feel the pain of his Brother, who was in the car with him and walked away with bumps and bruises.  The survivors guilt that he is dealing with.  His other Brothers and Sister….the pain they are feeing.  The pain that his ex-girlfriend feels.  Although they were not together they had a very tumultuous relationship of back and forth.

I’m not sure if it was the loss of my own Mother or just maturity that reminds me that there are no guarantees in life. You better hold everyone you know near and dear to your heart because if you treat them badly and never have the opportunity to apologize for it….you will have built your own prison. You will live with guilt and remorse for so many years to come.

Treat every person in your life as if you may never see them again. Tell them how much you love them…tell them the impact they have had on your life…tell them how wonderful they are. If god forbid you lose that person at least they will have died knowing that someone loved them and that they were somebody special to someone.

Spread love like wildflowers!!!! Be intentional with your love, your actions, and your words!!!