My new strategy for getting everything I want from life

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Although I have always thought about what my future would be like I can’t say that I actually took steps to make my future happen for me up until recently.   I have really been verbalizing my plans for my future near and far.  I have been blown away by the little hints or affirmations that the universe is absolutely listening.  Although to some these hints may seem small and insignificant they have blown my mind.

Here is one little story about how eye opening the power of the universe is.  A partner of a company that I work with exclusively in my salon, Cool Beauty Consulting, has created a small t-shirt company focusing on inspiring and spreading positivity.  Because the company was born within the Beauty Industy many of the items have stars and skulls made of little pixilated shears.  There are also things made out of little dog paws as the creator is a big animal lover.  I was looking through all the merchandise that was available and there was one piece that was so incredibly different than the rest.  One piece that seemed almost as if it didn’t belong.  This one piece made my heart pound.  It was a simple t-shirt with a crude drawing of an old mobile home.  Here is why this is significant.  My boyfriend and I have been working on moving towards our ultimate goal in life of buying a pull behind RV and traveling all of the US.  Living a very nomadic lifestyle.  I could not believe it when I saw this t-shirt.

I have come to realize that verbalizing your plan is a true strategy in making things happen.  The power of attraction is indeed a strategy…a badass one at that.

The other powerful moment I recently had was with my nail design artist…Lisa Clark from Lacquered up.  You guys have heard me talk about this woman so often.  She is a true badass.  I had never shared my life’s goal of traveling the U.S. in an Rv.  She had no idea.  Well, when I came in from my appointment she was so excited about this idea she had.  It entailed her and her husband traveling across the U.S. in an RV.  ARE YOU FRANKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW.  Down to the vision she had in her head…our futures are connected.

Here is a brief synopsis of what life will look like when we buy that RV and begin our expedition.  We will drive until we start to feel an instinct to stop at a local diner, coffeeshop, or bar and start a conversation with a local.  A real conversation….ask good questions to hear people’s story.  Find out what their dreams are.  In turn I will encourage them to pursue their dreams by letting them know just how powerful they as human beings truly are.  I will introduce them to books and ideas to guide them through their pursuit of greatness.  And without even knowing it they will do the same for me!  I want to have real conversations with real people.  I want to know what fuels their fire.  There is nothing more powerful than having a real conversation with someone about their passions.  You can see the fire in their eyes and it gives me butterflies.  It in turn fuels my own fires and passions!

Strategy comes in all shapes and sizes.  Sometime a strategy is to simply have no strategy of HOW it is going to work but just do it and have faith that the universe will do the rest!

Please help me in this pursuit of empowerment by sharing this with anyone and everyone.  You never know how these words could impact someone.

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