This is why people like each other less and less these days

I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have heard people tell me that they just don’t like people….They go out of their way to avoid talking to others.  There is 1 specific reason for this.

People are not being real with one another

My boyfriend and I were having a conversation the other day after talking to a friend of ours that is knee-deep in the dating world.  It was so incredibly eye-opening for me because our friend was asking so many questions on how you are supposed to behave while dating…UGH!!!  It made me realize the reasons so many relationships that start strong take a turn for the worse.

When you are on a first date with someone you are at your absolute very best….often times you behave in a way that you think your date would view as your very best…not being authentic at all.  In other words you act in a way you think they will be attracted to instead of being yourself.   Well, here is the thing…when you present yourself in a specific way people will of course assume that is just who and how you are.  If this person is attracted to the “facade” you have created they are not truly interested in YOU…they are interested in the person you are acting like.  Eventually when you begin to feel more comfortable with this person you are going to start behaving as yourself.  Here is the thing though…the person you have been dating fell for that “other” person.  That is when things start to fall apart.

What if we were just our true, authentic, vulnerable, badass selves from day 1?  Let them see the real you.  I am not suggesting that you divulge your deepest darkest secrets. I am simply saying when it comes to getting to know each other…be honest…If they don’t like the real person you have shown them…move on but if they do you just surpassed a whole bunch of dating mind games.  What an amazing feeling.

If you at the end of the date you realize that you had a great time…no need to play hard to get.  If you want to call or text them the next day….do it.  Who made up these stupid ass 3 day rules anyway?

Let’s get back to a place in the world where we enjoy talking and getting to know others again.  But let’s do it as our true authentic selves.