This is what the path to greatness feel like

Over the course of the past 2 years I have truly come to realize that if you are not completely fucking terrified that you are at a standstill in personal growth.  That feeling of complete terror has actually become a place of comfort for you me.  It’s crazy how some things in life just become the new normal.

Embracing fear has become the mantra of my life.  I have actually gotten to a point of enjoying the feeling that fear gives.  My stomach starts to spin, I get very clammy, there is a feeling of shortness of breath, and my heart feels like it is pounding so hard you can see it through my skin.  When I start to feel those things I know that something amazing is going to happen.  It usually comes in the form of tragedy though…later revealing itself as a lesson.

How do you get to that place?  YOU CHOOSE IT! You CHOOSE TO change your perspective on terrifying moments.  When your gut tells you to run and hide from something you have to start hurling yourself into it instead….CHOOSING TO believe that is going to be great.

In my opinion there is nothing more terrifying than baring your soul….showing the world exactly who you are.  Taking off any mask that you have worn in hopes of acceptance.  That feeling of complete terror tells me that greatness is right around the corner.  The world doesn’t need a knock off of something else…which is exactly what a mask is. The world needs your true self…a fresh beautiful perspective that can only come from you.

What does greatness feel like to you?