5 ways that being hacked has opened my eyes wider about intentional living

It has been 14 hours since I learned that my salon software that keeps all of our appointments, guest names, and contact information has been hacked with ransomware. Every single appointment…every last Guest name….every last Guest phone number. GONE. In the blink of an eye.

This means when I get to work tomorrow I will have no idea who will be walking through the door or when. We cannot accept any appointments as we were booked solid through January and then heavily booked through March. We have no idea who was booked where or for what services. Many people rely on our confirmations as a reminder of the appointments. Many will not make notation of their next appointment because they just show up when their confirmation tells them too. Since we don’t even know when their appointment is neither will they.

This is what I have already learned in the past 14 hours.

1. Protect your shit

I think this will probably be a no brainer for many people. For me though I didn’t feel as if I had anything worth taking from the perspective of a hacker. I now know this is completely random. When these hackers attack they are just going through random ip addresses until something matches. They have no idea what they are getting until they have taken it.

2. Transparency is key

We have accepted the fact that things are going to be pretty messed up for a while. It is so important that we are honest with our Guests and not just try to show up with a bandaid covering a bullet wound. We are going to let everyone know what is happening, let them know that things are not going to be perfect, and thank them for their patience and loyalty during this very trying time.

3. Everything happens for a reason

I may never know the reason for a major security breach in my salon that resulted in us basically going back to square one. Like it’s the first day we are taking appointments. What I do know is…the universe has a plan. What I have to do with that information is accept it, act like jello and allow myself to take the shape of this new way of running my business, and learn from every second of every day.

4. Seek out every single nugget of positivity

With this horrible tragedy there is truly only 1 super super horrible thing but I can come up with many positives. The horrible thing is that we have no appointment schedule which sucks big balloons. The positive is we get a fresh start in our inventory, we get to create new codes for products and services that are easier to teach to future employees, we get to challenge our technical abilities by not relying on the formulas we have used in the past, we get to take all the knowledge and wisdom we have acquired in the past year and implement it the way we wanted to in the beginning, we can take all of those “I wish we would’ve/could’ve done it this way” moments and make them a reality.

5. Intentional living is a choice

The second I heard the terrible news about what had happened I immediately started of thinking of ways to move forward. Their was no blaming the hacker, no blaming our I.T. Professional, no yelling, no panicking, nothing like that. After a few hours I realized that that was my reaction. It is because I have been practicing the discipline of intentional living. This was not a personality trait I was just born with. It was learned.