You have to endure the sour to enjoy the sweet

This blog was created as a way of showing how powerful living a life of intentionality can be. One more point of intentionality, in my opinion, is letting you know that not every day is sugar plums and rainbows.

The last few days I have really been in an emotional struggle. Struggling with the feelings of inadequacy, failure, insecurity, and all around shittyness. As someone that is trying to be an inspiration and motivate anyone that needs it I felt it was necessary to share that even those with their sights laser-pointed on positivity, growth, and warm fuzzy feelings for themselves has dark days too.

So what do I do when I’m having these moments? Seek out my people. The Bréne Browns, Ani Difrancos, and John Maxwells of the world.

The most important part about being in an emotional gully is recognizing where you are, knowing that you put yourself there so you can get yourself out and then claw, scratch, or climb your way out of there as fast as possible. You may slip a little here and there but just keep moving forward.

We are not perfect beings we are human beings and with that genetic makeup comes ups and downs that sometimes can not be explained. We don’t need an explanation….chances are it’ll just be some made up story that we are telling ourselves anyway. All you need is an upheaval in your thoughts. Seek out your coach and prepare for a realignment.

Please share your strategies with me. I would love to hear them. Also, I would love it if you would share Intentionally Lola with the world. Just press the share button. It’ll feel good I promise 😉

6 Replies to “You have to endure the sour to enjoy the sweet”

  1. i call those “dips”. i wallow in them for a while, then communicate and get advice/opinions/comfort from the “experts on me” in my network. generally i gather all of it up and make my own decision on how to handle the subject of the dip (but not always!). then i go ahead with my wonderful life until the next dip cuz they’re always dips. . .makes you appreciate the dip-free days more.

  2. Love your transparency Gina!

    Life is a journey filled with many roads, be it uphill or downhill.


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