5 things you can do today to start an intentional life

Whenever we think of starting something new it often feels overwhelming and we don’t know where to begin….then we never do.  Once you have even the slightest bit of forward motion inertia takes over and it gets easier to keep moving forward.  Here are 5 things you can do today to get the ball rolling!

  1.  Write down exactly what you want
    • No matter if it is more money, a better relationship, to lose weight…whatever your desire is write it down clearly articulated.  For instance if you want to make more money how much do you want to make?  How long will you give yourself to make it?  Put a date on it.
  2. Dedicate 30 minutes to research how you will obtain your goal
    • Again using the making more money as our example taking 30 distraction free minutes to research what it takes to make more money.  Is it furthering your eduction to make yourself more valuable?  Is it finding new innovative ways to find more clients?  Is it asking for a raise?  Is it finding a whole new career?
  3. Create a road map
    • Now you know exactly what you want and you have a few ideas of how to get it.  Now it is time to create a road map.  Imagine if you wanted to take a road trip across the country…from New York to California.  If you did not have a map of what highways, roads, etc, you might never make it there.  First create a list of all of the things you know you will have to do.  Then put them in a sequential order.  Chances are as you start using this road map you will add some extra steps and such but the important thing is that you are still moving forward.
  4. Create a schedule
    • Whether you have an old school paper calendar schedule or you use your phone or google calendar schedule in time everyday to work on something from your map.  This may mean that you have to wake up a little earlier, stay up a little later, work through lunch, or bump something less significant from your schedule.  Live by that schedule.  No matter what make sure you do not double book that time you have with yourself.
  5. Mark off one thing on your roadmap today
    • Whether it is making a phone call to get info, purchasing a book that will help you achieve your goal, or creating an area to get this important work done…mark 1 thing off your list.  By doing that you have made your first step towards your goal…whether it is a big step or a little step does not matter….its the forward motion that counts

Now you have the what, when, and how to start living your dream.  The biggest thing to remember here is forward motion….small steps are still steps…you are still that much closer to your goal.  These are small dedications that you can implement today.  Please try it….you won’t regret it.  Also please share your story with me.  Your stories inspire me!