September 2017

I was recently introduced to an article about a hairstylist who is making $600,000 a year. That does not include her tips BTW. Of course as a fellow hairstylist I was intrigued and decided to give the article a gander to see what this woman was doing that maybe I myself was not. I had become more and more enthralled by this woman the more I read because I realized that she was able to generate this income without offering any sort of color services. In my head I am thinking “Holy silk sheets….this just became way more impressive” This woman works for a salon..she is not the owner…she is NOT a celebrity stylist…she makes $600,000 a year by doing haircuts, extensions, and thermal straightening only. MIND BLOWN….but wait there is more. This woman’s haircut prices are actually reasonably priced. $80…not cheap of course but not astronomical. So this woman has my juices flowin’…I am learning more and more…I am all excited….I am about to learn the secret…I am going to make millions… we go!!! I am at the edge of my seat…the interviewer asks…”how many days a week do you work”….Literally falling off of my seat with excitement….she answers….”7 days a week”. I instantly felt like someone just kicked my cat. But then…immediately after I felt like a queen…here is why. I was waiting to hear this secret….the secret to making over a half a million a year doing basically haircutting only at a price that doesn’t even make me bat an eye. But, at what expense? 7 DAYS A WEEK??? I had this major epiphany. This woman may have more money than me but I am FAR richer than she. I have a life filled with meaningful relationships. This could not be lived while working 7 days a week. One question I ask myself frequently is ”if today, you found out that you had 1 week to live what are the things you would wish you had done differently”? Never…and I mean NEVER do I hear the words “I wish I would have worked more”. In fact you know what you hear more times than not? “I wish I would have gave my family more of my attention” or “I wish I would have LIVED more of a life. As far as I am concerned…you can keep your $600,000 a year and I will keep my breakfast and coffee with the man I love. I will keep my Sunday afternoons at the park with my Grandson. I will keep my Saturday nights laughing hysterically with my friends and family. While I am at it I will also keep sleeping in on a Sunday morning with the window open and the breeze blowing in while I snuggle up with my man and my favorite blanket. It’s funny how all of a sudden $600,000 a year doesn’t sound all that desirable. Don’t get me wrong. I will continue to reach for the moon but I will do so living, laughing, and loving the entire damn way!!! XOXO