May 2017

I have the privilege of being a guest artist for many of the cosmetology schools in the area. My presentation is really more business related as they have artists coming in all the time showing cut and color. I talk more about personal branding, building and keeping clientele, and tracking your success. Part of being great is aligning yourself with the right people. Finding a coach to support you and push you further than you can push yourself. I equate it to having a personal trainer…If you have worked with a personal trainer you know first hand how they will push you much much further than you would ever push yourself. I feel like the same can be said for your personal life too. Finding a coach, someone you can emulate to make you greater. I have SOOOO many coaches…most of whom not only have no idea they are my coach but also have no clue I even exist!!! Brene Brown, Zig Ziglar, and John Paul Dejoria just to name a few. However, many of you are my coaches as well. People that I have the pleasure of talking to on a regular basis. Surrounding yourself with people that you admire and want to be like, in my opinion, can be considered your coach. Anyone that makes you want to be better…is a coach. I have so many people ask me how is it that I am so happy all of the time. The truth is, when I feel like I am struggling and just having a difficult time dealing with what life throws at me the first question I ask myself is “do I have any control over this situation”? More times than not the answer is no so I make the decision to leave it to the universe to handle. Many times I struggle with releasing control of these situations and this is when I turn to my coaches. TedTalks is where I find myself turning when I just cant find the answer. This is where many of my coaches live. We have coaches throughout our entire lives when it comes to education and careers…Our teachers, athletic coaches, our professors, our managers/bosses…but what about matters of the heart. Who are those coaches? It’s just important to be great in our personal relationships as it is with our business. Life is hard. There are so many ups and downs. It is impossible for us to rely solely on ourselves to handle these trying times gracefully. We all have weak moments, we all have our failing moments…Do not waste the pain of those moments…seek out your coach to get you through and come out at the end of the game as a true champion.
I will leave you with this TedTalk from Brene Brown. This one 20 minute video changed my life and changed the way I chose to live my life. Enjoy!“>Brene Brown