July 2017

One of my most favorite quotes…and you will have to forgive me for a little of the foul language but I feel it adds the necessary impact. “If you are reading this, you have SURVIVED your entire life up until this point. You have survived traumas, heartbreak, devastation, and the different phases of life. And here you are! You go, motherfucker…you’re awesome” See what I mean…the language is necessary for impact 😉
I love this quote because it just proves that everything works itself out. Think back to all the horrible things that life has dealt you and the people around you. We have all been impacted by death, divorce, disease, disparity, heartbreak, and that feeling of hopelessness. Whether we have experienced these suffrages personally or if it was someone we knew…we have been impacted. And look at you now! You made it…you survived! If in your darkest days you can think about that quote just imagine how much easier it could be to make it through. Just knowing that you have overcome every single obstacle that has ever been presented to you. You now have the confidence to get through your next obstacle with a more positive attitude. You can harness all that energy that would have been wasted on worry and fear and use it for other things like playing with your kids or date nights with your husband. Its actually pretty easy to imagine a life in which you make it through every hard time….you’ve already been doing it!!!!